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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

I love coffee.


I started drinking coffee in college. At first it was a social thing. I'd grab a cup with a friend between or after classes and I was slowly developing a taste for it. By the end of college however, I was a full fledged coffee addict. I had a hard time getting through the day without that little pick me up.



Then, after graduating I got stuck working the graveyard shift. Then I really started down that deep dark void of coffee addiction.



Thankfully, I no longer work the graveyard shift...but my coffee addiction is no less present. I drink coffee just about every single day and have since my early 20's. In fact, the only time I took a break from drinking coffee was when I was down with the sinus infection from hell that completely fucked up my taste buds and for several weeks I literally could not stomach the very thought of drinking coffee because I attempted to drink a cup while sick. 



On Fat Tuesday this year, I had same day surgery and while under the influence of all those lovely drugs-I decided that this year for Lent I was going to give up coffee. 






Did I make it?  





I knew that I could not go without caffeine, at least without suffering some major migraines (yes, that's how bad my habit has gotten) so I decided to allow myself to drink tea which I like-but had never given me that same boost that coffee gives me. 



I went to visit my parents not long after the start of Lent and was horrified to discover that there was NO caffeinated tea. I made it a day without caffeine, and am happy to report that I did not get the scary migraine I was dreading...but I also had absolutely no energy so I caved and made myself a single cup of coffee...and it was the best cup of coffee ever. Then a few weeks ago I was really craving a cup...so I tried decaf....and will never, ever make that mistake again.




Tomorrow is Easter and I have no desire to have chocolate, or a special dinner or anything like that. I'm just looking forward to spending the entire day mainlining coffee. I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't set up the coffee pot tonight before going to bed. That's how much I'm looking forward to making it through...