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I survived Easter

So I managed to survive Easter. 


Dinner at my in laws is usually pretty low key, at least compared to holiday dinners with my family. Sometimes that is a competitive sport. This year was not any different, aside from the fact I was overly tired and wanted nothing more than to be at home, in bed, vegging out in front of Netflix. 



But I survived and I have a few hours to just chill out before I need to be in bed, asleep.


The only thing I would have done differently today is that there was a sad lack of chocolate. I guess the Easter Bunny forgot to stop by my house...although, I do have chocolate stockpiled away. I'm just too lazy to dig it out. Plus, it's not an oversized chocolate bunny.


So now I'm going to get in my PJ's. Open a bottle of hard cider and read for a few hours.