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Lazy Day

My schedule is finally back to normal at work and just knowing that is making me feel a lot better. For the last few weeks I had been going into work each day not sure who I was going to be working with, not sure how I was going to manage to get everything done that needed to get done. The shift I was working wasn't a radically different schedule, but seemed more time consuming and definitely included a lot more travel time because of the way my hours were set up. 


Today is my third day off (and I have two more days off, so YAY!). Yesterday I did some housework and took the cat to the vet and today is pouring outside so I'm totally justifying a lazy day. I ventured out long enough to drive over the mountain to the library to check out some new books and although originally was going to start reading them at the coffee shop decided to just come home. Just way too nasty out and I was already soaked. So came home, changed into sweats and a teeshirt and have started my rainy day hibernation. Totally plan to read, catch up on my book reviews and hopefully my emails. I have emails from February to reply to.