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Today was the day I thought that perhaps I'd be able to return to blogging. I had gotten my writing mojo back, somewhat, and I planned to spend a good portion of today plowing through past books that still needed to be reviewed.


Instead, I spent way too much time on Twitter trying to make sense of what happened in Orlando. 


Because of the nature of what happened, there are countless arguments. There's a camp rallying against Islam. There's a camp rallying for and another against the LGBTQ community. There's a camp focused primarily on gun control. Each camp is screaming on top of their lungs, trying to tear the other camps down. People who support the LGBTQ community are being torn down by the "Christians" by spewing forth their opinion that the victims brought it upon themselves by their lifestyle. People who nothing about the Muslim faith are ready to ban Muslims from the United States. And gun lobbyists and supporters are doing their damnest to distract everyone that the perpetrator was allowed access to the guns he used, legally, because we still cannot come up with a proper gun law in this country.


After being told to fuck myself and subsequently blocked for pointing out that there was a 10 Commandment law against murder, but not one against being gay I finally gave up Tweeting my opinion. The people I follow mostly shared my sentiment anyway, and all it was doing was causing me to become anxious and even less willing to join society. It was just making me more scared for my openly gay friends and scared for my Muslim allies, allies who would NEVER hurt another human being in the name of Allah.


I hate guns with a passion, but I love people who are responsible gun owners. I understand why they want to hang on to their right to own guns. Banning guns won't stop incidences like this from happening. 


I don't think we will ever again live in a society where being in a public place is safe.  People are too invested in themselves and creating laws that will benefit them (I.E. White CIS Males) that they conveniently forget that there are many other demographics out there that need and deserve protection. The government is doing a grave disservice to its citizens, but I cannot see it changing any time soon. 


I suspect we will always have Sundays like today, where we are in mourning but know, deep down, that there is NOT going to be a silver lining.